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                ✳ NEWSFLASH: SUBMISSIONS WANTED ✳✳✳ DEADLINE 18th NOV. 2012 ✳

the good news is, you don't need to be a gamer, artist or even a scientist to participate. also you'll practically have as much time as you may need to finish your work! just picture "DN's Magazine" as some kind of blog or social network that gives you the possibility to "share & reblog". so you see, this isn't a big deal, it's all about the idea and nothing else! additionally it's by no means restricted to digital natives only! other generations, naturally, are more than welcome to submit their work as well.


don't hesitate to present your portfolio, poems, articles, tutorials, quotations or photos. share your sounds or sounds you're getting inspired by, promote your art shows, festivals, illustrations, links, twitterposts, internetmemes - literally everything you consider worthwhile that comes to your mind!


our pocket-sized "Digital Natives Magazine" is effectively a kind of analog social network, but unlike its digital equivalents, print media obviously can't be kept up to date in realtime. it will mostly capture small but fine impressions of contemporary (cyber)culture. the topic of your "post" should fit to our tag cloud, so the first thing we would like you to do is to think about the submission(s) you would like to make.

if you're still confused by what all this is about, that's ok... the answers are coming!

✭ download the template here ✭

» DN's template zip file (30.10.2012)«


if you like our concept and want to help us growing, we would be happy to welcome you to our team! please feel free to contact us!

xoxo the DN's team ❥


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